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February 04, 2008



i like it here!
my feet went out from under me tues- black ice- i broke my wrist and radius..
glad he was luckier than i

Hi Beth,
I am heading into town soon for two unpleasent hours in the dental chair so I sympathize. I'll be happy when it is over.
We just had more snow here but we are glad it was snow and not all the rain predicted. It is raining now but with a few inches of snow it won't be too bad. My best advice for winter is to get out in it and go cross country skiing. There are wonderful places outside Montreal and I find there is nothing like feeling better physically to help enjoy winter. For me, winter is a peaceful time and once the snow goes life speeds up with gardening, building and shooting video. So I am happy to enjoy these winter days in the mountains.

That's a wonderful story about the art cart. When people are ill, really seriously ill, I think we sometimes become so caught up in caring for them and in the illness itself that we forget that they are still just people with likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and needs outside of their physcial being.

I enjoyed this glimpse of your life, thank-you!

As always, I enjoy the little stories about your day to day life, the good and not so good but ultimately integral to life. Very insightful story of the art cart!

Great story from the nurse.

It's that time of year when the wolf is snapping at your heels and lurking in the corners!

That was good hearing what your nurse friend said; the stubbornness and resultant suffering sound familiar regarding how my mother was, also sometimes when people would perhaps be prepared to give up their stubbornness, it's too late. But there are hopeful stories, and the art-cart one is one of them.

What a wonderful story. And yes, always learning.


I so enjoy checking in with you. I haven't been able to write in a couple of weeks. Reading this entry brought tears (that were just right) and gratitude. And I took the opportunity to link any of my readers to "Round about Blue." Such a February feeling. Thanks.

Wonderful story. Sounds like she brought you your own art cart.

Always something new and fresh and insightful here, never disappointing. Your place is a joy to visit, Beth. Don't let the demons get you down, tear them to shreds.

What a lovely post. Your new friend says exactly what I would have wished that I had said, only after I had moved on to the next room.

This brought tears to my eyes, too. I would like to remember this story: it would help me with some of the terrible inadequacy I feel around people who are ill or bereaved.

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