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August 09, 2007


Your story is the most precious gift that you could have given us. Thank you.


How very beautiful, Beth - thank you for this green jewel!


So beautiful, what a heavenly place to feel the spirit of someone special...

Thank you all for reading and for these comments...

Exquisite essay, Beth, thank you.

perhaps immortality is to be found precisely in this act of acute remembering, when time and separation dissolve into presence.

And for me, too, in the green cathedrals.

Bienvenue, and thank you for the comment, Theriomorph!

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Who was Cassandra?

  • In the Iliad, she is described as the loveliest of the daughters of Priam (King of Troy), and gifted with prophecy. The god Apollo loved her, but she spurned him. As a punishment, he decreed that no one would ever believe her. So when she told her fellow Trojans that the Greeks were hiding inside the wooden horse...well, you know what happened.