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November 15, 2006


My Honduran sister-in-law's family has a similar custom of repeating names in the female line. It might be an attempt to preserve continuity in the face of a changing patronymic, I suppose.

Beth, how amazing and marvellous that you have all these family photos (great photos too) and histories. I wish I could say the same. There's something strangely comforting about being able to amble far down the road of one's lineage.

As Natalie says, wonderful photographs and stories.

How absolutely wonderful to know about your family that far back, and to have photos! You must do more with this.

'Rensallier': what kind of a name is that?

The photos are amazing -- I wish I had a similar set.

I can no longer resist asking: is it ot-SEE-lic or ot-SELL-ic?

Jean - Rensallier is Dutch. The Millers were Mullers, originally (the Clarks were British, descended from a Daniel Clark from England). The western area of New York, from Albany down to New York City, was all Dutch and there are lots of Dutch place names.

LH: It's "ot-SEE-lick" - an Iroquois word, that means "Plum creek." In that part of upstate, you can count on the vowels always being twangy - nasal "eeee" rather than "eh", and people landing heavily on the stressed syllables of words.

I feel really lucky that we have so many family photographs and that people cared about preserving them - this is just a small sampling - I haven't even gone through my mother's trunk!

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