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May 23, 2006


Oh. Oh my. In our hearts, in our prayers.

I'm so sorry, Beth.


Warmest condolences, Beth!

Oh Beth... my deepest condolences on your loss
I'm sure that your mother's passing was blessed by your loving presence and that she is at peace.
My thoughts and prayers and tears are with you in your mourning

Oh, Beth. Abrazos.

How extraordinarily beautiful... I can't tell you how deeply what you have described moves me. Deepest condolences, Beth, for you, your father, your husband. Namaste. xo

Love and strength for the journey, my friend.

My very sincere condolences.

My condolences to you and yours. My mother, Fern Garber, died 20 years ago this week. I think of her often and see her in my childreen and grandchild.


Sending love and prayers.

Toutes mes sympathies, Beth.

I am so sorry, all my sympathy.

Hugs to you...been a while, but I'll hold a prayer for you.

Beth, sorry to learn of your loss. I trust your faith, and hers, make this parting only one step along a longer path, and gives you both hope and courage.

My deepest sympathies, Beth. I hold you and your family in my heart this weekend.

Beth, you are much on my mind and in my heart these days.

Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I was holding my father's hand as he died. He was only 70 and I was not yet 40. I think of him often; more than that being able to be present, he with his children (and grandchildren) and I with him.

I so longed for one more day with him, until I realized that one more day would not have been enough. This was an odd sort of comfort.

Grief is a journey.

Your elegant, eloquent writing on her last days has been a gift to us all. Blessings to you.

My sympathy for your loss. Good that you were there to witness, and say good-bye.

Beth, I'm truly sorry. I hope you and J. and everyone else are doing all right. Prayers from across the world. Sending love.

My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.... you are in my prayers.

Oh, dear ! I'm so sorry. My sincerest condolences, Beth.

My deepest condolence, thought and prayers for you and your family.

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