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February 28, 2006


Such a beautiful meditation - thank you. So hard to surrender to the seasons, and so salutory to be obliged to. The metaphor we just can't ignore.

Lovely. Anteater's tongue!

I admit I don't much miss the seasons, as I experienced them in Connecticut. Of course I don't have a liturgical calendar that's keyed to them; that would make a big difference.

Though I do miss the academic calendar, working up to a crescendo of work twice a year, and then evaluating & wrapping up & falling fallow for a time.

That was as lovely a meditation as I've ever read; you could almost set it to rhyme. I'm glad the Internet came back up!

Thanks Jean, Dale, P. I just got back, full of pancakes but ready to get under the down comforter for the night!

Thank you for this meditation, Beth.

Every year I forget that just as I am beginning my ramp-up to Passover, revising my haggadah and preparing myself for the journey of liberation that Passover entails, my Christian fellows are walking the steps of Lent. May we all find holiness in these last weeks of winter, the pause before the joyful flowering of our holidayed spring.

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