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July 23, 2005


First, I have to admit that I'm now humming "It's Not Easy Being Green" in my head as I type this...

In my mind, green has always been what makes Vermont different from New Hampshire. You have the Green Mountains, and we have the White; Vermont is green, and New Hampshire is gray.

I'm always shocked & amazed to see spring green...and then to watch as it matures into summer green. Surely there's a word for the deep, saturated hue of mature foliage...not quite evergreen, or hunter, or forest...

This is really beautiful, Beth! You are so right about aall those differnet hues of greens that no paint can quite match. Do you also find that when you have been away from home for a bit, and upon coming back you "see" it all again like with new eyes? I do, everytime I come home to lush and green Vancouver and my garden.

right about the hues and right about how Ireland seems to especially illuminate a huge range of those greens. The range of differentiation in the greens there amazed me. and I'm from Portland, where there is LOTS of green. but not the same range of green hues.

Verde, que te quiero verde...

I always feel in awe of greens. Inadequate, humbled. A taken for granted colour. Perhaps if "green" was a species of plant and not a name for a colour it would not be called green but broken down into a whole heap of different species.

The green I love is that early spring green that slowly crawls up from the wet valleys and onto the hillsides. It always looks so edible as it rolls up the winter greys and browns. I never can make a picture of it that I'm satisfied with.

that was wonderful, the way you stretched the entire panorama of greens in front of us! My favourite green is the colour of a new leaf, when sunlight falls on it but then the dark, glossy greens of palm trees on a rainy day look enticing too!

It's green here, too! I was posting photos of green vines last week, plus one (mostly about fresh basil) titled with an English translation of "Verde, que te quiero verde": http://3rdhouseparty.typepad.com/blog/2005/07/green_how_i_wan.html

Having grown up in NH I can agree with Lorianne that Vermont is always greener. Massachusetts is also quite green now, but still in a lower key than Ver-mont. We are envious (green). ;-)

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